What’s Your Summit?

survivor-summit-standDo you have a Summit?  Post it on social media with #summit4angelman.

My trek to the top of Kilimanjaro is a small tribute to my son Madden and everyone with Angelman Syndrome. Those with AS work tirelessly every day to accomplish simple tasks that most of us surely take for granted like feeding themselves, standing and communicating. Madden lives a life harder than most, but you couldn’t tell by the smile on his face. He doesn’t waiver and he never quits. He’s my inspiration to try to climb Kilimanjaro.

If trekking up one of the tallest mountains in the world motivates someone to ask me, “Why are you doing this and what is Angelman syndrome?”  then I’ve accomplished my goal. Trekking to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is for AS and the accomplishments my son Madden reaches every day.

Everyone of us have daily Summits we reach. These Summits 4 AS are everywhere but the top of a big mountain. These accomplishments can be inspiring, moving, and even quite funny. Please share your Summit 4 Angelman on Twitter/Facebook (#summit4angelman.) I hope we all find strength, motivation and escape from these stories of hard work, persistence and accomplishment. Even though we might not all know each other by name, these stories are as familiar to each one of us as a long lost friend.  What’s your Summit?

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Summit?

  1. Hi LK,
    Thanks for reaching out. I’m doing this for your grandchildren too. What are their names?

  2. My Summit has been a long struggle but great fun!! I have been a horsewoman for over forty years and trained several horses. My experience has been doing Competitive Trail, Dressage and Combined Driving. 3 years ago I took a fall and broke my back, I knew my competition days were over. Slowly I recovered and began driving again. I ride on occasion but mainly I train in Combined Driving. The last horse I competed was Hurricane Stargate , I took him all the way to the International level and all of the training was done by ME!!! Now, I compete his half brother Hurricane Grand Marquis, he’s a SUPER horse with a HUGE heart. To be good in Combined Driving, a horse must be fast, agile and have great endurance, he’s got it all. Can you tell I LOVE THIS HORSE..he’s is FABULOUS! He hasn’t always been great, starting out he was quite difficult . But the story is great horses have their qurks well he fits that bill for sure!!’ My plans are to hopefully make the U.S. Equestrian Team and compete at the World Singles Driving Championships in 2016. Yes it’s been a long struggle so far 12 years but it’s been worth every ounce of effort.
    I wish Kyle a safe journey on his Kiliminjaro climb and best wishes on all future endeavors.
    Margaret Ross

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