“I out-kicked my coverage…”

e8905c21-4f93-447c-88e2-daf5e7d6f73bLeaving for 14 Days to climb a mountain to raise awareness for Angelman Syndrome leaves my amazing wife behind to care for our 3 children under 3 years of age. Let that sink in for a minute. Climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro is a trivial task compared to that. My friends remind me often that “I out kicked my coverage.”  Going back to the evening we met it’s worth mentioning it was love at first sight for me…..but not so much for Shawna….I was the “dreaded cell phone guy” always looking at my Palm Treo.  Remember those? I still don’t know why but my buddies often remind me that “I out-kicked my coverage,” which of course is true. As we grow together and build a family our lives change so much that it’s impossible to see what life will be like years down the road. It’s truly a leap of faith and the only thing you know is that whatever happens this is the person you want to be with. Our professional lives change, our hobbies change, friends change, children are born and how we raise a family is a variable you take a leap of faith with when you say “I do”…All aspects of our lives together continually evolve and before you know it you don’t recognize the life you lived together before having children. Which is why it’s so important to find the “One.” The change is quite exceptional if you actually analyze how different life is from “courtship” to a family of 5. It’s mind boggling. Then you really know that you picked a soulmate…and in my case…”out kicked my coverage.”

I’m thankful my wife gave the “cell phone guy” a chance in Chicago many years ago, but more importantly I want to thank my wife for understanding how things change and loving us through our families evolution. Of course this is a two way street.  Her life and my life have changed independently and collectively. Our support for each other has remained constant and spiking in times of need but it’s safe to say the changes in my life have probably been more disruptive for her. Most everything in our lives we have tackled together but some things like work, my races and now my passion to bring awareness to AS has put her often in a supportive position when she would rather be outside running or even climbing a mountain but she stays back with our boys to support us. It would be a crime not to recognize her selflessness and support for me and the family. She is always encouraging me and more supportive than I could imagine…even when I ask her if I can go climb a mountain for 14 days while she stays back and keeps the family going in my absence.  I love my wife for many reasons but this is just one very important part of why we are such a good team. I try to keep things in balance but I realize there are times I’m sure she feels like she’s doing most of the support. The next 2 weeks trekking up Kilimanjaro is a good illustration. Let’s just say…I owe her big time. So the moral of the story is…my buddies had no idea how right they were….”I out-kicked my coverage.”

I love…



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